My name is Shuli. I am a UX Designer and Engineer.


HCI job searching app snapshot

November, 2015 | HCI class homework

Roles involved: user research, UX design, visual design

This project is a mobile app that helps students in the HCI program of Georgia Tech land their dream job. Specifically, this app has four major functions, i.e. searching for jobs, managing jobs, connecting with alumni and marking events on calendar.

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Buzz Now: Groceries Delivered by Your GT Neighbors

August, 2015 | AT&T Hackathon

Roles involved: UX/UI design

This is a grocery shopping app we, a team of four hackers, designed and developed at the AT&T hackathon in 36 sleepless hours. The app arises from the problem shared by all of us that we don't have enough time for grocery shopping.

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Safe Count app

December, 2015 | HCI class team project

Roles involved: user research, UX design

This is a semester-long team project for my HCI core course. Our product Safe Count is an app that helps teachers and administrators manage students during emergencies/drills in the K-12 environment.

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Devex Career Account page Snapshot

March, 2015 | Devex

Roles involved: Wireframing, High-fidelity mockups, interaction design, front-end development

Project link: https://pages.devex.com/career-account.html

This project is redesigning the marketing page for Devex Career Account, which was in use without updates for many years. This was the first time that I led webpage redesign. Also, the result of the page is a huge improvement from the original one.

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Devex Membership and Services page Snapshot

May, 2015 | Devex

Roles involved: Wireframing, High-fidelity mockups, interaction design, front-end development

Project link: https://pages.devex.com/membership-and-services

The project is to redesign the marketing and services page, which lists a variety of products and services of Devex. It is the main entrance point that can lead to all products’ marketing pages, so redesigning the page is of huge significance. I worked closely with a PM on this project and led interaction design and front-end development.

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The Future of Global Development Snapshot

Sept. 22, 2014 | Devex

Roles involved: Prototype design, info-graphic design, photo editing, website management in Marketo

Project link: https://pages.devex.com/future-global-development.html

The Future of Global Development is a Devex series exploring the findings of its groundbreaking 2014 Development Influencers Survey of global development leaders and asks what’s next for the industry post-2015. We tried to use a variety of media to clarify research results and engage audience, especially executive members.

The Global Gender Gap


Roles involved:
Research, data processing, information organization, illustration, charts
Project link: http://www.slideshare.net/Devex/the-global-gender-gap

The info-graphic is based on the Global Gender Gap Index introduced by the World Economic Forum. It depicts gender inequality on the world map, to start with, and analyzes the general positive correlation between gender equality and economic development.It also points out why the Philippines, a developing country, has even higher gender equality ranking than the US.


Roles involved:
Idea generation, illustration
Project link: https://pages.devex.com/doing-more.html

This is an ad for a campaign on global volunteering. The goal is to show global volunteering as prevative and fun, thereby engaging young people in conversation. With the slogan “Where are you #doingmore?” in mind, I used the words to piece together the globe and added map points in different corners.

Motion Graphic Healthy Means

Motion graphics

Roles involved:
Storyboard, illustration, animation
Project link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEHYLavUMA8

This is the kick-off and introductory video for a campaign on global health. The goal is to spread the word #healthymeans and raise awareness among the global communities. I created this motion graphic mainly with Adobe Illustrator and After Effects.

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